If I apply to the school residence as well and decide to enter there later on,
will you charge for the cancellation?
As long as you inform us that you are applying to the school residence, there is no charge. Although you must cancel within the 2 days after your decision to enter the school residence.
Can I apply assuming I will receive the residence scholarship?
No, you cannot. For International students, they will receive the scholarship after screening of the application documents. It takes longer for Japanese students as an interview is also required.
If Inokashira Residence is full, can you hold me on a waiting list?
Yes, we can hold your name. You can also hold a room in share residence while you wait so that you can secure a room to move in.
You can move into either residence whenever there is an availability while you are on a waiting list. No matter which residence you move into, there is no additional contract fee.
Do you only offer 2 years contract?
we do have several-year contract. Please check our list of charges for more details. Our contract is annual basis, but you can consult us for special reasons such as graduation, study abroad, and returning date.
Is it only for freshman of the university of Tokyo?

As long as you have a status of the university of Tokyo. (Female only)

Can I exclude the meal plan fee from the contract?
No. Eating same meals are one of the interactions between residents. Also, we do not return meal plan fee for uneaten meals.
Please check our website for the dormitory that has a no-meal plan contract.
Do you have a occasional meal plan?
We do not correspond to meals for vegetarians and religious-based reasons. It is down to your own judgment if the meal is acceptable or not.
Please consult us for food allergy.
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