RUTIL Inokashira-koen (RUTIL stands for Residence of the University of Tokyo for International Life)

International communications between the residents based on the purpose of acquiring multi-cultural experience, Japanese culture oriented meals, 24 hour security to keep female residents safe… You will see what our best in managing private residence is.

Exterior of building (before renovation) room
Renewal Open in 2013 RUTIL Inokashira-koen
Exclusively for female students of the University of Tokyo.
5-5-10, Inokashira, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo
Access 10-minute walk from Inokashira Station on Keio Inokashira Line.
15-minutes walk from Kichijoji Station on JR Chuo Line
Building 2-story steel structure
Living space
All single rooms
(Capacity: 44 students [scheduled])
利用時間 Breakfast 7:00~8:30
Public Bath 17:30~23:00
Shower Room 24 Hour Availability
Closing Hour
Sundays / Public Holidays / Five-day summer break / Five-day New Year break / Seven-day break at the end of the academic year. Also ,
there are no meals on 5th Saturday and company training day.

Cost Information


Fee Rent
(Meals included)
¥89,300 / month
Entry fee 1 year ¥130,000
2 year ¥160,000
3 year ¥220,000
4 year ¥240,000
Deposit ¥50,000
maintenance fee
Other Fee

we will issue
an annual bill in May

Internet Fee ¥3,780 + Internet Phone use fee / month
Entry fee Contract processing fee depended on the number of your contract years.
Deposit The deposit will be returned with a deduction of the cleaning fee when the contract expires It will not be returned when the contract is broken.
management fee
An annual chage for the meals, laundry, the common facilities, managemt, cleaning, etc. This will be charged every contract year.

Scholarship(up to 10 seats)
*International students have priority

Fee Rent
(meals included)
¥61,000 / month
Entry fee ¥50,000 (1year)
Deposit ¥50,000
maintenance fee
Other Fee Electricity fee ¥5,250円 / month
Internet fee ¥3,780 + Internet Phone use fee / month

Access Map


Scholarship for the dorm

We offer a scholarship for international communications. The students with the scholarship are required to support the residence management for its international communications. We plan to offer the scholarship to 10 students. Students from abroad have the priority to receive under the consideration of economic difference.

  • Japanese students are required to support the management as RA by helping the international students to settle.
    *Responsibility, language skills and communication skills are required.
  • Internatiol students are supposed to support the management with its communication event planning/ operationg


You can apply either before/after the acceptance from the school.
※you cannot apply with requesting

Screening Process

Japanese:Screening of the application documents、interview
Internaitonal students:Screening of the application documents
Treatment It will be scholarship price.


There are two types of applications. “Normal application” and “Application in advance”

①Normal application
Application term you can apply at anytime.
Room reservation You cannot choose your room. The contract will be processed from March 13th.
*There will be 29 rooms available on April 2013. There could be additional availability depends on cancellation of the waiting list.
Room decision We will have a lottery. (Applicants prior to March 14th)
It will be hold on March 15, 2013 and we will contact you accordingly.
After the lottery, it will be first-come first-served.
International students the students with different college acceptance announcement dates will have the room first-come first-served. (up to 10 students)
How to apply we have an application form on our website.
Phone calls also available who do not have an internet access.
②Application in advance
Application term From mid-February to the day before the collage acceptance announcement.
Room reservation Allowed for only 15 students to apply first.
(The contract should be signed in advance)
Room decision Automatically have a contract after you receive the acceptance to university.
If you cancel the application in advance due to rejection, cancellation fee will not be charges within 2 days after the collage acceptance announcement.
*Please check table A for more details of cancellation fee.
International students International students cannot apply.
How to apply Online application form only.


①Normal application
Cancellation before signing the contract: Free
Cancellation after signing the contract: Charged (See Table A)
②Application in advance
Cancellation before signing the contract: Free
Cancellation within 2 days after the college acceptance announcement: Free
Cancellation after 2 days of the announcement: Charged (See Table A)
It is free to cancel if you are going to enter the residence managed by the university of Tokyo.
*Please notify us in advance.
We will charge for the cancellation because of the failure to receive the scholarship. (See Table A)
Table A Cancellation fee
Cancellation Term Cancellation Fee
Before signing the contract N/A
After signing the contract ~ 12/31 ¥50,000
1/1 ~ 1/31 ¥100,000
2/1 ~ 2/28 ¥150,000
3/1 ~ 3/31 ¥300,000
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