Support program for International students

About our support program for international students,

“International Students Support System” has been created by Kyoritsu maintenance “to provide the kind of help and assistant in supporting international students to have a great stay in Japan”.
Renting a room in Japan can be quite challenging, and we offer the less challenging renting system with meal service at a special price upon your request for international students.
You will also find the following advantages; having the communication between international students and native Japanese students on a daily basis, traditional homemade Japanese meals and acquiring the Japanese custom.
Your smile counts to us. We hope to support as many international students as possible through our service.

Nonetheless, the room numbers are limited. In case there were no vacancy, there maybe consequences resulting in unavailing our service in providing you a room.

Conditions for admission

This system is open to those who qualify the terms listed below, and having to have understood of our service and its condition sharing the others in the dorm.

  • International students of Universities, colleges, technical colleges and Japanese language schoosl in Japan.
  • Appreciates having the opportunity studying in Japan.
  • A team player with an optimistic attitude toward sharing space with the others in the dorm.
* Renewal condition no lateness in rent payment, qualifying the 3 terms listed above and a recommendation of your dorm manager.